Saturday, September 29, 2007

Back to the Hills

One of my desires that I expressed for this next year is to reconnect with some of the things that I feel make me who I am -- my hobbies and interests, and especially the things that John and I enjoy doing as a couple and pastimes we'd like our children to enjoy with us. So I took my first real step in that direction this morning. I left my poor-me-I-just-gave-birth attitude at home when we went for a hike as a family at Deer Creek Canyon in the foothills. It was fantastic and far better than I imagined! I've been in such terrible shape since Josiah was born that taking a 15-minute walk up the hill outside our neighborhood leaves me breathless and with a stitch in my side. Mind you, I'm usually pushing a stroller with nearly 45 pounds of humanity riding in it, but still. I thought it would be miserable to hike (at a higher altitude, too) and I wouldn't get far, but I was willing to give it a try so that we could actually do something as a family outside of our own yard. My stubborn resolve was quite useful. I strapped Josiah into the Snugli and we headed up the hill at Lucy's pace. We let her take time to explore the trail, notice the changing leaves, stop to listen to the flying grasshoppers, and admire the view as we got higher on the mountain. She made it 0.6 miles on her own feet--pretty great for a 3-year-old! I told John I wanted to go at least a mile before we turned around, so when he put Lucy in the Kelty backpack carrier I decided to push myself. That last four-tenths of a mile was great! Hard, but I did it! Then we turned around and headed back down, exhausted and happy...

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