Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A scrapbooker by any other name...

As a full-time mom (and I mean FULL-time) I've been trying to figure out what sort of hobby I can participate in that will be fulfilling and yet not suck too much time out of my life which I can't afford. Running some ideas by my husband and some friends, I've heard a few times, "Well, aren't you a scrapbooker?"

Let me make this clear right now: I am not a scrapbooker. You see, I find a marked distinction between "being a scrapbooker" and "scrapbooking."

Let me explain. To me a scrapbookER is one who has a closet or armoire full of paper, stickers, scissors, ribbon, grommets, stencils, markers, and a plethora of other materials of which I don't know the proper use of. She is one who gets together with others for the purpose of sharing materials and ideas to make a single picture into a piece of art. I admire her. I sometimes wish I had the creativity to be in such a class, but alas, I am NOT a scrapbooker. However, I do enjoy scrapbookING. And what is the difference, you ask? I find pretty 12x12 paper to go with a few photos, I glue them on the page and sometimes add a title, date, caption, or description, then I slide it into an album beyond the reach of my 3-year-old's fingerprints. For me it is not an on-going hobby. I often cram it all into a week or two each year. I gather pictures, ticket stubs, and other flat memerobilia, then in a frenzy I spend every moment of my kids' naptime and every free evening hour throwing the pages together, just to get it done and off my conscience!

Does that sound like a hobby to you? It's more of a guilt-laden activity, doing it to get it done to preserve the posterity of our precious memories. Though I must say it does work as a creative outlet for me during a time in life where coloring inside the lines seems to be what I do most often.

I'm currently in the midst of a scrapbooking week, and I have to say that it feels good to get it done. Soon I'll be able to put my few supplies back in the shoebox and wait until next year when I get the itch again. Honestly, I have to say I enjoy the challenge of fitting the pictures on the page just right, and I definitely enjoy when others look at my albums and say "You did a nice job." Maybe this time I won't put the box away. Maybe I'll expand my supplies and embelishments on my next album. Maybe it will become a more-than-once-a-year event... Nah!

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Jess said...

Good for you. The guilt just keeps building around here. I don't have even a babybook done for any of the kids. They each have a Rubbermaid box filled with what should be in some sort of book...