Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wherefore art thou, Internet?

Ugh. It's been a WHOLE WEEK since we've had internet service in our home. I've been going crazy, feeling disconnected from my family, my friends, and the whole world. I knew that I depend a great deal on the web, but realizing after a WHOLE WEEK exactly how dependent is kind of embarrassing. (Did I mention it's been a WHOLE WEEK???)

I rarely go outside without checking the (And yes, this time of year in Denver it changes that much from hour to hour.)
I have thrown away all my phonebooks because I just look up phone numbers and store
We watch missed episodes of The
We even Google all our arguments -- not that we have that many. :)
And the worst of all is that Lucy has been sorely missing her reward time on and so have I!

Well, after hours on the phone with our provider and seeing if anyone in our neighborhood had an open wireless connection we could briefly 'borrow' and a weekend trip to John's office so I could hop on my email and see what I was missing, I'm back. And it is goooooood.

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Jess said...

Maybe I already knew this about you, but now THIS seals the deal...we are still, after all these years and across the miles, buds! You like The Office??? Ben and I are total addicts. :) Very funny.