Saturday, December 8, 2007


I knew our fate was sealed at lunch today when my daughter prayed: "...and thank you that we can go to Georgetown today to cut down our Christmas tree..." John and I exchanged a glance before the Amen, a knowing glance that said it didn't matter if the snow had begun to fall, or that there was a windchill of 8 degrees, or that it would mean skipping her nap. We had to go.

I was beginning to get used to the idea this morning. I even had our snow gear out of the closet and ready to go, with new plans on how to keep my son warm by making him into an immovable bundle. John has been bugging me for weeks about our newest "tradition." By this I mean we did it last year, so somehow having done it ONE TIME, it has become an annual family ritual. If you read my previous "Bah Humbug" entry, you'll know how I was feeling about this idea already. But I was beginning to soften and think that maybe it would be a fun family outing after all.

Then John went for a run this morning and came home with icicles on his goatee. Suddenly, he wasn't sure we should be going. But by the time she had prayed her prayer, the deal was sealed.

We piled into our CR-V with multiple layers of clothes, boots, hats, mittens, and scarves. The flurries didn't seem so threatening, but by the time we were entering the mountains, traffic was slowing down and the snow was drifting across the road in white waves. All told, it took us just a little over an hour -- a little longer than usual -- to reach Georgetown, but both kids napped on the way. Bonus!

Because we had done this last year, we knew where to go and what the rules were. By the time we arrived at the property that belongs to a friend-of-our-friends, the snow was falling steadily in clumps and we had to park on the road so we wouldn't get stuck in the plow drifts. I was ready to take the saw to the first tree we came to, but we walked about 5 minutes farther, found the perfect little tree, shook the snow from its boughs, snapped a few quick pictures, and high-tailed it back to the warmth of our car!

We were wet and freezing cold from those few minutes in the mountain air, but we had our perfect little Charlie Brown tree, and had done for the second time what may become a family tradition.

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