Saturday, January 19, 2008

Short hair

I actually did it. There's no going back. What's done is done. I have short hair!

Last night I had about 11 inches taken off the length of my hair--10 to donate to Locks of Love and another inch to trim and even things out. I knew it would be a drastic change, and this is probably the shortest my hair has ever been. I'm amazed at how thick it feels again, and how my natural wave has taken over now that the weight of it is gone.

I was a little nervous, but also very ready to not have the long tresses to dry, style, and get yanked on incessantly by Joey. I also am very ready to not be constantly picking super long hairs off my clothing, my children's clothing, the furniture, the floor, our bedding, out of my baby's fists,... you get the idea.

I was also nervous about my kids' reactions. Lucy was in bed when we returned (John watched it happen then took me to dinner), but she was still awake. I walked into her room and her face lit up in a smile as she said "Woooowww! Mommy, your hair is short!" I was also able to prepare her by having her watch the online video of another Locks of Love donor getting a cut. She likes it. Josiah, however, didn't greet me with his usual grin upon waking up this morning. He just looked at me. It took him about an hour to warm up to me, though at least he didn't cry. He didn't take his eyes off of me all through nursing, but at least he ate and didn't refuse. Several hours later, he's back to grinning when he sees me and I think he's adjusted to the idea. Phew!

I hear that when a person loses a limb they have 'phantom' sensations of that limb where their mind tricks them into believing it is still there. I imagine that I will have 'phantom hair' for a while as I adjust to the things I don't need to do anymore: flipping it over my shoulder after I've leaned over, taking a comb all the way down my back, using an inordinate amount of shampoo, and so forth.

But so far (granted, it's been less than 24 hours since the cut) I love it!


Meg said...

wow! your hair has never been that short? mine has -- and SHORTER! it looks so fun & easy. how does john like it?

oh, and about the grey hair -- i found my first (actually brian found it) when i was just 24!! i was in denial for quite a while. i always said i would not color mine, too -- just go grey gracefully. but i think highlights aren't quite the same thing & do a nice job of making that grey look like it's just blonde!

Anonymous said...

Good for you - being brave enough to take the plunge!!!
Looks great! I really like it!
So, what did John say? Did he stare at you all through dinner?

Jess said...

Hey! That's looks great! I got mine cut short too and I really like it.

Mommymeepa said...

Your hair looks so cute. Are you going to grow it back out or are you going to keep it like that? It's cute!!

I just cute my hair off a week ago. I love it.