Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Our family wishes you a Happy Easter! We did in fact get snow last night (it just wouldn't feel like Easter in the Rockies without it!) but by the time we left for church this morning it had melted and dried and there wasn't a single cloud in the vast blue sky. Beautiful!

We started our morning with the sharp realization that Josiah cut his first tooth last night! I say sharp because it was with my pinky finger that he chose to reveal this new development. I almost cried, knowing that he sweet gummy grin will soon be replaced with those pearly whites. We tried to take a picture of the little bud, but it's still too small to see.

Here are a few pictures of us in our Easter finest. John's sister Elizabeth (who Lucy calls 'Bubba') joined us for church and dinner and took the lovely family shot.

I hope you have had some time this Easter to celebrate that Jesus paid the price of his life for us, and that he is alive and offers us LIFE, abundant and eternal!

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Jess said...

Still love your hair!