Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The waiting is...hard

Welcome to our home! It's a beautiful two-story condo with two bedrooms, a spacious loft (or 3rd bedroom), three full baths and large walk-in closets. It is bright and open with vaulted ceilings, over 1400 sq ft of living space, two balconies, and a lovely view of the greenbelt/courtyard.

On Tuesday, May 27th we officially listed our condo for sale. The following morning we left town for a visit with our families in the Midwest. (Let me tell you what's not fun: packing our bags and getting us out the door on time to catch a plane while also leaving our home spotless and immaculate for potential buyers!) We were, of course, optimistic that we'd have a flourish of visitors and showings in that week, especially since we weren't here to have to clean up after ourselves or interrupt naps or abandon dinners for the random calls.

We had two showings.

I'm not complaining, as two is definitely better than none. The feedback our realtor received was this: from the first showing, they wanted a garage (which we do not have); from the second showing, they looked at so many properties that day they didn't remember ours.

So, for those wanting an update on where we stand in this fickle process of selling, there you have it. Now we wait. And check my cell phone every ten minutes to be sure I didn't miss a call from the realtor.

2 comments: said...

This is indeed a challenging time of waiting, hoping, praying...hang in there! I do not envy you! I will pray for God's perfect timing and endurance for you as you wait.

Hang in there! It's SO beautiful!! I would want it if I was living there!! :)

Meg said...

hey! we would love to see you guys! it's been far too long. you can come over whenever -- just give me at least 30 minutes to make sure i am not still in pj's. i'm sure brian would like to see you all, too, though, so we need to figure out a time for all of us to get together.