Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Road to Recovery

Here is an update on how Josiah is doing this week since we arrived back at home...

EATING: He's eating like a champ! Just this morning he ate TWO whole waffles! When we weighed him at yesterday's doctor visit, he had gained back 9 of at least 17 ounces he lost during the week he was sick before he was hospitalized. He still seems to have some trust issues with sippy cups, but does continue to nurse well.

SLEEPING: Last night was our best night so far since we came home on Sunday. He had been waking up often and sometimes staying awake for as much as three hours in the middle of the night. His time in the hospital was very disruptive to his routine, to say the least, as they woke him up to administer medicine or take his vitals numerous times and at odd hours. Then it would be up to me to get him back to sleep, which would sometimes take two hours or more. So it will take some time to return to normal patterns, but we are seeing good progress here.

EXTERNALLY: His rash is all but gone! It isn't visible any more, but there are just a few places where his skin still feels a little rough. It doesn't seem to bother him at all, which is the best part. We are, however, beginning to see the skin at his fingertips peeling, which is an expected part of the course of Kawasaki's. It's like blistered skin, though it doesn't seem to hurt or really affect him at all, other than catching his curiosity.

INTERNALLY: His blood work from yesterday's follow-up appointment shows some improvement. One inflammation marker is still up, which could even be due to the fact that he has cut three new teeth in the past week (yikes!), but we just don't know. And his platelets are still high, which is in part why we have to continue giving him aspirin. We will have to repeat the blood labs weekly until everything returns to normal.

PERSONALITY: Each day we see more of our precious Josiah returning. He is babbling (though still hoarse from a swollen throat and all that crying and moaning for days on end), and he is smiling and giggling! Last night he was bopping to the beat of the music we were listening to. He has remembered all the signs he uses to communicate. He continues to be clingy and skeptical of any unfamiliar face, but we are told that his irritability will continue for several weeks at least.

MOBILITY: Joey is crawling again, but usually only a few 'steps' at a time before he gets frustrated and lays down on the floor. He seems to be favoring his left leg, though it is unclear to us why that would be. He stood on his own last night before his bath for a couple of wobbly minutes, but only took a few walking steps while being supported. We're confident that walking will come as he continues to gain his strength back.

We are so grateful for the many people who have lovingly provided for our needs so we can focus on the needs of our son, and who continue to lift Josiah and our family in prayer! Our strength and peace come from the Lord (Psalm 29:11).

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