Saturday, May 2, 2009


Thursday night was really good for me. I'd had a difficult 24 hours emotionally, and I was looking forward to some time with the ladies in my church Bible study, but I was also dreading the how-are-you-doing's and are-you-okay's.

Let me back up for a minute.

On Wednesday afternoon we got the letter from Lucy's soon-to-be school informing us of her Kindergarten placement. I hadn't truly prepared myself for the idea that she might not get into the afternoon class, which was our first choice. I was hearing from so many people that we were a shoe-in, that surely we'd get her into the afternoon class because everyone else wanted mornings. And the fact that we were one of the first in line for registration back in January helped boost my confidence.

We waited three long months for this news. Three months of making plans, being hopeful and praying for the perfect placement.

She was placed in the morning class.

Suddenly I felt my plans and ideas for this whole next year come crashing down around me.

Sounds pretty dramatic, huh? That one little X on a line was to me a shattered dream.

One of the biggest reasons for preferring the afternoon class for Lucy was so that I could continue to take her to BSF with me next year. Her Wednesday mornings for the last three years have been a phenomenal experience for her, and I wanted that to continue for one more year before she would be in school all day until adulthood. The morning that we got the letter, she had said on our way home, "Mommy, it's going to be so much fun to have Joey come with us to BSF next year!" (The program starts for kids when they turn two years old.)

There were other benefits, too. Like being able to do other activities in the morning with both kids, having Lucy in school while Joey naps (which would give me a break, too), and just feeling like I was able to have her home with me for just one more year. (I believe I mentioned the dread of adulthood already.)

Well, needless to say, I was sad. Sad that she will have just two more days of BSF this year, then never be able to come with me again. Sad that she will miss out on the amazing Biblical instruction and learning next year that have impacted her so much already. Sad that our other fun plans for the mornings would no longer be possible. And sad that I only have a few more months until she starts school (which already seemed a hard hurdle!).

So I went to my Thursday night gathering and started crying pretty much as soon as I walked in the door.

But as the night progressed, I became aware through conversations and prayer requests that there is really so much to be thankful for that it outweighs the sadness. And in my heightened emotional state, this recognition made me cry even more, of course.

Why am I thankful? Some states have all-day Kindergarten, and I need to be thankful that Lucy will only be gone for three hours a day this next year. And just the fact that we live in a nation where our children are educated in a healthy environment -- or at all! Some people are dealing with the death of a child, and wow, am I grateful to have a nearly-five-year-old who is beautiful, happy, healthy, and alive, and heading to school!

Serious perspective. It really put my so-called drama in its place.

I understand that I'm allowed to be sad for the changes in my plans (even as I type this, Proverbs 16:9 comes to mind -- "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps"). But there is really so much more that I need to be thanking God for.

Thanks, friends, for your listening ears, your sympathetic hearts, and the perspective you bring into my life. I am beginning to wrap my mind around this new thing and am having more peace as each hour goes by...

And thank You, Lord, that you've given me these five years to care for and teach and nurture my beautiful baby girl. Thank You for the three wonderful years that Lucy has had the privilege to come to BSF with me, and the loving teachers who have taught her so much more than even I thought she was capable of learning at her tender age. Thank You that You know better than I do what is best for us, and help me to rest in Your will and Your plan for this next year and beyond.


Meg said...

hooray for perspective. isn't it amazing to think that no matter how fantastic OUR plans seemed, HIS plans are infinitely better? i'm glad there's someone looking out for me & daily convincing me that he knows what's best for me & my family.

Heart and Hands said...

Thanks for sharing about your day and this process. I so understand that feeling of reeling with disappointment. I'm thankful that you have a great community of women to cry with and who encourage you. God is faithful. We'll see what the fall holds for you all.

Much love,

Robin said...

Great thoughts, Kelly! How neat to see God comfort you in this way with some fresh perspective. It may not help at all, but if BSF doesn't work out, I wanted to let you know that I think we're going to send Avie to a Sunday night AWANA program in the fall. She would love for Lucy to join her! Just an idea...