Friday, November 9, 2007

Closet Cookie-Eater

I love chocolate chip cookies. They are one of my comfort foods, my weaknesses, my favorites. As much as we try to eat healthfully in our home, they are one of a few things that I can't--won't--give up. During my daughter's naptime today, I found myself finishing off the last of the chocolate chip cookies. I looked at the clock and realized she could be waking up at any moment and walking into the room, and so I quickly buried the evidence in the trash can. (She actually likes to open the lid and look in there sometimes, just for fun, so I have to hide things sometimes under other less attractive trash.) I was actually nervous about getting caught by my 3-year-old! How bad is that?! I'm a closet cookie-eater... Is there a support group for that?


Jess said...

I'm a closet chocolate CHIP eater. I keep a bag in my freezer at all times. Ben asked me once how often I buy chocolate chips and that's when I realized I eat one entire bag EVERY week... Woops.

Ken said...

Try the chocolate chip cookies from ALDI made by Mercer. They are inexpensive and although they are not "Chock full of chocolate chips" they have a certain great flavor to the cookie dough. I think there may be a little ginger and brown sugar in there that make them great when dipped into milk (OK, a weakness). I go through a package eveery two weeks on average and have been known to pass on ice cream, brownies, pumpkin pie, and othe goodies just so I can have my two cookies (sometimes three) after dinner.