Saturday, April 5, 2008

Boys like noise

I can't say I've seen my 8-month-old son so excited over cause and effect as he was this afternoon. He discovered that he could tip the basket of Mega Blocks toward him to retrieve one block, and then let the basket fall back to its resting position on the floor with a very loud BANG and the satisfying clink of the blocks still inside. Wow! He giggled and smiled and wiggled and looked at me as if to say "Look, mama, this is great!" And then he would do it again. And again. Each time it got louder as he became more bold to let it happen, or to do it on purpose, and his giggle and wiggle got more enthusiastic.

I'm learning each day the inborn differences between girls and boys. Today I learned the pure joy my boy gets from creating noise.

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Anonymous said...

Oh girl - this is only the beginning!! Aren't boys just so fun?!